Monday, August 23, 2010

Groundhog Day

So, from the 3 questions I received from Lifebeginsat30ty's Blogger Santa project,  I've chosen to write about a day in my life that I wouldn't mind re-living over and over again.

The thing is there are so many days to pick from that I had a hard time pinning it down to one. I mean I’ve had so many fun-filled days where I felt like I was at a theme park trying to pick which ride to go on next.

But when it comes down to actually choose one day, I pick a day, which at that time, signified a possibility… a chance at something potentially wonderful happening in my life…

The day starts with me waking up to find myself in his arms. I stiffen at first at the unusualness of the situation. Then a warm glow passes through me as I realise whose arms I’m in. I stay there basking in the warmth of his embrace as I try to recollect how we got here. The last I remember he’d tucked me in his bed and although I had drunkenly asked him to stay with me, left the room to go sleep on the couch. He must have changed his mind sometime during the night. I smile to myself.

I feel him stirring. And I close my eyes, pretending to sleep. He shifts. He’s probably uncomfortable as my head is resting on his right arm. So I turn towards him and find him looking at me. I smile. His eyes crinkle as he returns my smile.

He then gives me a tickle and jumps out of bed before dashing into the bathroom. When he comes out, he slides back into bed next to me. I smell peppermint on his breath. I know what’s going to happen next, so I follow suit. I wake up to freshen up, brush my teeth and apply some Body Shop shea butter to my lips.

I come back to bed and lie next to him. He’s switched on the TV and I pretend watching it for a while but his fingers moving up and down my arm is distracting me. I turn towards him and he looks at me for the longest time before his lips close down on mine. It’s not exactly our first kiss as I kissed him the night before (drunkenly). But let’s say it’s our first proper kiss.

We stay in bed for the most part of the day, just kissing. We take little breaks from kissing when he orders us some lunch from McDonalds and we eat the lunch not leaving his bed. But other than that we just kiss and kiss and kiss. He doesn’t grope me. He doesn’t try get into my pants. He just kisses me. His hands move under my shirt a few times but stop short from touching my breasts. I’m not sure if he’s teasing me or taking it slow.

We hardly exchange any words. Seems as though words just aren’t necessary. With our bodies glued, our lips entwined do all the talking for us.

It starts getting dark outside, and we get hungry. He asks me if I’d like to eat. I say yes, but we alternate between kissing each other and just lying there, me in his arms, as though reluctant to leave the bed.

Finally, we do get out of bed. I shower and change out of his shirt which he lent me the night before. We decide to go for Chinese. I check the time, it’s almost 10pm. We’ve spent an entire day in bed just kissing.

As we walk into the restaurant our hands brush each others. We order this spicy chicken dish which I love which comes with curry leaves and some rice. Sitting opposite him in the restaurant, as we wait for our food to come, I look at him in a whole new light.

Yesterday, he was just my friend. Today however, he may be infinitely more.


Larissa said...

How beautiful and exquisite.

I once had a day in bed falling in love with someone who'd been a friend for years. It's so divine.

Great post.

jassy said...

wow, its poetic like....good blog post. i like those moments

Lifebeginsat30ty said...

How absolutely beautiful! Reading your post brought me back to the very few days that felt like this. Ah, to kiss and lie in bed for an entire day! If this happens to me again, I'm going to grab onto that guy and never let go :) Again, beautiful!

Little Miss Angry said...

larissa - thank you! and wow. coincidence. though i'd only been friends with him a few months :) and you're right. it's divine.

jassy - me too. love those rare moments. thanks.

30ty - yes, those days are just wonderful, aren't they?
lol, grab and never let go eh? tried it, it didn't work. but it was good while it lasted :) and thank you :)

Ken said...

A sweet story.

He has some major self-control.

Caleb said...


F*cking serious? THAT was your one day?

No ninjas? No skydiving? No Cubs/Bears/Hawks games? No studs, babes, piercings, guns, racing, fried chicken, funny movies, superpowers, great bands, alcohol, more alcohol, bunnies (no wait- scratch that one), beaches, battles, videogames, concerts, or David Hasselhoff?

A day of awkward, stop-before-the-fun-starts cuddling, every single day?

Sorry- I guess we're just on different pages!


Wombat said...

Sweet work, LMA.

This post reminds me of the perfect cupcake - all sweet and moist, tasty but not overpowering, perfectly iced.

Did I mention the sprinkles?

I think my romance-meter just registered, thanks to you. Maybe I'm not so hard-bitten after all.


Toni said...

Great post, I don't think I have ever experienced that kind of day, my sex is usually hot sweaty and dirty. I wouldn't have had the self control he did. Also I would have probably volunteered to go out and get the take out food and turned up a week later with 20 B&H, (even though I don't smoke), a porn DVD and a bottle of vodka. You know how easy it is to get distracted.

Little Miss Angry said...

ken - lol, that he does!

caleb - haha. i was wondering who'd be the person to point out the opposite of the day i picked :p i think that if any of us to repeat one day often enough, regardless of what we did, we’d probably get bored at some point. yes?

and there’s no way in hell i’d have picked a day that involved david hasselhoff in ANY way! the horror…

thank you wombsie :) i love the reference to the cupcakes. AND with sprinkles…you do know how to flatter a gal. i’m glad to have contributed to your romance-meter. and i doubt you’re that hard-bitten too ;)

lol, toni. hot, sweaty and dirty sounds good too me too. hmmm…cigarettes, vodka and porn… don’t let anyone tell you you don’t know how to romance a lady ;)

jo said...

aww... it sounds like a really sweet romantic day... sometimes it's in the simple things in life that brings pure bliss... i wonder what's the story after that magical day though...

Edlund said...

I think your blog is really cutie.

Snafugirl said...

Excellent wriitng! What a great story. Grade A, LMA.

Little Miss Angry said...

jo - it was a romantic day. lol, what happened after you ask. read my first ever blog post and you'll find out ;)

edlund - thankie ;)

snaf - wooo... i got an A. YAY! :)