Monday, July 12, 2010

'Just' a fuck buddy?

Having just started my new job, I've had little time to date and also blog about it. But I'm slowly settling in, and hopefully will start having more time in my hands.

A quick update nevertheless.

I met up with Mr P a couple of times in the last few weeks. (Note:Mr.P is a photographer I met a long while back, who has a tendency to waltz in and out of my life pretty randomly and unpredictably. Having not developed any attachment to him because of this, I have been okay at keeping everything casual.)

My resolution to keep him only as a 'fuck buddy' however, just got disrupted this morning by me adding him on I'd deleted him some time back when I thought I was getting overly involved emotionally (and he was not) and I didn't want any updates on his life which might affect me in any way. But having moved passed all that, on impulse yesterday, I requested his friendship again with this message...

"hey. looked you up on FB. again. deleted you before during a childish fit (probably cause you didn't reply a message or something). but i've grown up since ;)"

He's added me already. In the mean time, I got a text from him at 2am this morning...

"Happy birthday. Hope you're not getting laid without me. I didn't realise you deleted me on FB. I'm hurt."

My first thought though was.. damnit. The idiot didn't even realise I'd not been on his FB! And my birthday was bloody weeks ago..!

Controlling my urge to scold him about it, I said instead..."lol. you wished me last week when you met me drunkard. and no i didn't get laid without you. please don't be hurt :p"

Right. So having said that, there were just two things left for me to do...

1) Inspect all his photos which he has been tagged AND his albums.... check!

2) Stalk his wall posts.......and check!!

After all the stalking, I have come to admit, he is an amazing photographer. And trust me to develop a crush on someone over something like that.

Damn. So much for just fuck buddy.


Larissa said...

Hah! He probably noticed you weren't on his fb, but men have to say shit like that, especially to their fuckbuddy's, which btw- i was going to abbreviate as "fb's" but then realized I already abbreviate facebook that way... hmmmmmm.....
enjoy the crush!

Lifebeginsat30ty said...

We're girls, which means if we sleep with someone there is going to be 'some' emotional involvement. I can't sleep with someone if I don't feel something positive for them!

I was chuckling at your FB stalking. That is apparently what FB is for ;)

Queenie said...

You sound so much like me. I have to admit I a professional, FB stalker. lol I would have done the same thing though, looks like you really have feelings for this guy. I hate falling in love with a fuck buddy.

jo said...

oh i love how you stalked your fb on fb :) did you find out anything else from your stalking besides him being an amazing photographer? and i wanna hear bout your world cup action :P

little miss angry said...

larissa - lol. yeah maybe. to appear macho or something. and am totally enjoying it :)

3oty - so true. guess its a good thing i'm not completely dead inside. lol, yes of course that's what fb is for. read about your little stalking too ;)

queenie - hi! lol, you and me both then. and god no, i'm not in 'love' with the dude. just a crush... for now ;)

jo - i stalked my fb on fb. that just somehow sounds cute. nothing much on there other than the beautiful photos he's taken recently from his travels. no juicy bits to share :) world cup action is gonna be a post very soon i hope!