Sunday, June 6, 2010

And the men get bitchy...

I have been ignoring calls and texts from Mr. Cricket and Mr.Texter, both of whom I met on

Cricket and I went on one date which lasted over one margarita before I excused myself to go home to have dinner… alone. He wanted to meet me the next day but I told him I couldn’t.. making up a really far fetched excuse about having to bathe my aunts dogs. He messaged me the following day ‘So, forgotten about me already? ;)’. I didn’t reply. And I never realised how lame and needy that line sounded, even as a joke - I've used it before on Mr.P, when I hadn't heard from him as soon as I wanted..and this after sleeping with him. Damnit.

Anyway, Cricket called me that night… I just didn’t feel like answering and I didn't. Two days later he messaged asking if something was wrong. I guess I could have told him I wasn’t interested (though I felt I’d given him enough hints.. I mean seriously how thick can you be?). But I wasn’t in the mood to go into discussions of 'whys' and 'why nots', so I told him ‘I’m kinda going through some personal stuff right now. Can’t deal with anything else. I’ll call you.’ Which wasn’t exactly a lie. I had an uncle in the hospital and I was busy chauffeuring my aunts and relatives around. But mostly I was putting off dealing with him, hoping that he’d get it finally when I don’t call him again...ever.

Texter and I never even got to our first date because his messages were so random and weird and difficult to understand that I just stopped replying. His last message to me despite the fact that I’d ignored 5 of his previous texts… ‘gd mrng gorgeous. hp u hv a wonderful dy..otw 2 wrk?’. I wasn’t even out of bed yet when my phone beeped with this message. It annoyed the hell out of me. I have no clue what runs through someone's mind when they send texts like these..

Anyway, thanks to these two, I hadn’t logged on to Match for a while.. until last weekend.

Apparently, my sessions on Match have been tracked. Both Cricket and Texter who remained mostly silent as long as I wasn’t logged on to Match, once they realized I was still on it, responded in ways I never thought men ever would…

The first was an email from Cricket…

“Guess I won't be hearing from you again. I had already expected it but it would have been nice if you had at least been honest with me.”


Dude, we’ve only been on one date…what’s with the drama?

And then, as I was still trying to wrap my head around that email…I realised Texter had deleted me from his Facebook account.

Well, I guess I deserved that.


The Savage said...

I text in real words and sentence structure for the most part. Luckily it's not a pet peeve of mine considering my gal uses text talk.

I have totally given up on internet dating (I don't need it now). If ever I find myself single again or just in need of a second gal (I am in an uber awesome relationship) I'm hitting the bar scene...

Larissa said...

Haha! I love your post! Internet dating is always filled with these guys, the dramatic ones who freak out when we drop hints that we're not interested (I once got: "I've dated girls on the cover of magazines. Get over yourself.") and the guys who text like 4-year-olds and want to be taken seriously. Uhg.

lady gay-gay said...

Larissa's comment is horrifying! I too once had a guy say something like, "I've seen your facebook photos, and you're not good looking enough to be such a bitch."


Anonymous said...

I have little tact for men who act like boys. I would have replied just that... Dude, we’ve only been on one date…what’s with the drama?

cos you know men would say it to us.

M.E.mahogany said...

Omg! I know exactly how you feel.

I just got rid of a guy not because he text like an idiot, but because all he wanted to do was text. After a week of a text conversations my fingers were tired and I was truly annoyed. I gave him my number to call me. He didn't use it and didn't respond with his. I just stopped returning his texts.

A few days later I received a text saying "you could have just said you didn't wanna talk to me anymore"

I didn't respond.
Yes I could have said something but that would have been giving into his texting saga and I was "over it".

Snafugirl said...

Ha! Bathing your aunt's dogs! I love this one.

Eh, screw those crazy men. NEXT!

Wombat said...

Jeez, when did blokes turn into such thin-skinned morons?

jo said...

welcome to the world of internet dating. there are some strange ones over there. hopefully it gets better...

little miss angry said...

savage - for some reason only 3text talk are acceptable to me: 'wtf', 'lol and 'btw' :)anyway, good for you..and yes, i agree with the bar scene bit.. i 'almost' picked up a cute guy there a couple of weeks back. may blog about it though we ended not exchaning numbers :(

larissa - whoa. that remark would have totally pissed me off. and yes, what IS up with these dudes.. i'm not renewing my subscription if i strike off at 3!

amanda - now, you've got me all depressed :(

lady gay gay - i found yours even more horrifying than larissa's. god!!

anon - yes, they would. and i know i could have. but i was cheesed for like 20 minutes.. then i couldn't be bothered already.

mahogany - yay. good for you for not giving in! :)

little miss angry said...

snafu - it was partly true. lol. yes, NEXT! i so need a NEXT!!

wombat - yes, when?

jo - i'm giving up if i strike off with the next one. there must be a better way (?)

Kitty Moore said...

Oh dear - better luck next time!