Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'm an idiot.. and he's stupid (part 2)

He kissed me that night.

And two days later he bailed on meeting me for dinner saying he had other plans he had forgotten about.

When I texted him saying ‘That’s too bad. Was looking forward to it’ his reply was ‘It would have been a great idea if things weren’t getting so complicated. Another time.’

Angry, I texted back ‘If that’s how you feel there won’t be another time. I’ll be out of your hair to make it all less complicated’.

Knowing how he avoided me like the plague when I get angry, I did not expect a response. So I was surprised when 4 minutes later, I got a long text from him saying ‘Think we have some issues. Cause we just can’t be doing this all the time and we have to move on somehow. Just like you, I have to sort my stuff out and since I can’t speak to you about it I am in a bit of a pickle. So, lets take a step back and see how to sort this out.’

It took me 3 hours to reply. I’d waited till I’d gotten my girlfriend Miss X’s input on this. We tried coming up with an appropriate response over some margaritas. After dissecting the text to pieces, we decided the best way to go would be a short and succinct text that did not show him I’d been affected by what he had said.

So my reply ‘I guess you’re right. Sorry to put you in a pickle’.

I didn’t hear from him for over a week until he called 2 nights ago. He asked me how things were and when I was starting my new job. We chatted a short bit on that. Then I asked him why he called.

His reply… ‘Simply’.

What. The. Fuck.


Lifebeginsat30ty said...

What's to sort out? What is it that he wants from you? Does he even know? Do you?

Do you want him to break up with his girlfriend and go out with you? Or just want him as a friend?

Sounds like he wants to move on but keeps finding himself pulled back to you somehow. But what do I know!

I know it may be hard, but I think you just need to be honest with him about what you want. And if he can't give it to you, move on. Trust me, I know.

Good luck!

little miss angry said...

so many questions. trust me, nothing i haven't asked myself before. if i had the answers, i probably wouldn't be where i am right now with this guy.

you're right though. i know i should be honest with him and myself. i think i might be afraid of the answers i might get. thanks anyway 30ty, and boy, do i need the luck!

Ken said...

I don't think you should stand for it. It sounds like he's trying to juggle multiple women.

little miss angry said...

hi ken, but if he was trying to juggle multiple women he wouldn't have sent me the text, right??

anyway, i'm trying to move past this episode and have not contacted him since. so there. i'm not standing for it :)