Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I finally succumbed... internet dating.

After some consideration and given the current state of my love life or rather lack of it, I decided to subscribe to two days ago. And I must say I have been pleasantly surprised.

In the last 48 hours, my profile has apparently been viewed 149 times and I have received 11 emails and countless winks including a wink from a 90 year-old man.

I was curious about the 90 year-old so I viewed his profile and I noticed he had put up around 10 pictures and had a very long write-up about himself and what he was looking for. He stressed on how fit he was and how he exercised regularly. His profile seemed so eager and hopeful that it struck a cord in me. Here is a guy at 90 who is still out there looking for love like the rest of us.

Then I thought, it bloody doesn’t get easier does it?

Dear god, if that was me at 90, I’d want to kill myself. I’d probably want to kill myself if that was me at 40.

Depressed suddenly, I decided to read through all the emails I’d received. Out of the 11, 3 looked promising. Their pictures were alright and the emails funny. So, I replied to all 3 and now I have 2 dates set for this weekend. Which isn’t bad I guess (?)

Then I went to check out the guys who had viewed me. As I perused through the pages, I saw one guy who looked familiar. I clicked on his profile and realized he was a guy I’d been on a date with a while back, whom I thought was incredibly cute but who hadn’t made a move to ask me out after the date. Since I had found him oh-so-cute, I asked him out instead, to which he politely declined claiming some work commitments. So I wrote him off thinking he wasn’t interested. Later my friend who had set us up told me he had met another girl very soon after he went on that date with me and they had hooked up almost immediately.

So, what then was he doing here? And he’d been active in the last 24 hours!

Remembering how cute I’d found him, I asked my friend of his status but she didn’t know. I did the next thing I could think of. I stalked him on FB. His relationship status was back to single (yes, yes I stalked him before too) and the pictures of him tagged with the girl he’d been seeing had been removed. So, was he single again?

Saying a silent whoppee I decided to message him on FB and not on Match though perhaps I should have done it the other way around…

My message to him (when it seemed like a good idea) said…

“Hey. Didn't we meet once through that thing that Miss S set-up a while back? I can't remember when but I know we met at Chilis. Anyway, you popped up in the people you may know thingy and I thought you looked familiar, decided to say hi. So hows life and the dating going? ;)”

He hasn’t replied.


I actually wish now I hadn’t sent the message at all. Why did I message him so impulsively without thinking it through? I’m pretty sure now he knows that I’ve viewed him on Match AND that I’ve stalked him on FB (no matter how blasé I tried to make my message sound). Nobody wants a stalker....!

Okay, so tell me what you think… how lame was it of me to message him that way? And should I even be expecting a response?


lady gay-gay said...

yo little miss!
i probably would have messaged him too, without thinking it through. that said, i do believe that men should make first moves 90% of the time, and maybe it would have been better to have your mutual friend mention you, or you could have done something more passive on facebook like leaving a witty remark on a status. good thing you didn't mention him through because some people (ie, ME) dread people they actually know discovering them on a dating site! seriously though... i'm impulsive and probably would have done the same thing.

Lifebeginsat30ty said...

I have to be honest and say I would have never done that. He was the one to not ask you out again after the first date. My ego wouldn't let me keep going after that fish, no matter how cute!

I think you're doing great on the on-line front :) Go after one of those guys who have actually asked you out and seem interested! And of course blog about it ;)

firstdateonlyproject said...

Eeee I probably would have done the exact same thing and then regretted it right afterwards... I tend to find it annoying when guys kind of just fade away, but sometimes you just have to chalk it up to him "not being that into you". Or whatever.

Heehee I once met a guy at a bar and then found him later on a dating site... Decided very quickly to not go out with him as I noticed he listed Titantic as one of his favourite movies and Ricky Martin as a fav singer! And somehow not gay?

Kate said...

I think (well, in fact I know) that I would have stalked him on Facebook... but I don't know if I would have sent him a message.

Forget him anyway - you have some shiny new men to play with!

Two dates in one weekend. Nice work! Can't wait to hear how they go!


Ken said...

Is that 90 year-old man for reals? It's kind of inspiring.

Have fun on your dates this weekend!

Snafugirl said...

Maybe the 90 year old man is a recent widow and wants to get back out there :)

It was not lame of you to message that guy. You felt the need to. If he doesn't reply then you know it's a dead end. Either way you gave it a shot.

firstdateonlyproject said...

Great that the 90 year old is getting out there, good for him and all, but eww... why doesn't he flirt with other 90 year olds? Or 80, 70, 60 year olds... at least grandparent age.

jo said...

90 years old? seriously? that's kinda creepy and a bit sad at the same time.

but good on you for setting up 2 dates so quickly.

i don't think it was lame of you to message that guy. though i probably wouldn't have but i would have facebok stalked him haha!

Kitty Moore said...

It wasn't lame - you took a chance and that's what life is all about (plus you don't want to be looking for dates at 90!)

little miss angry said...

lady gay gay - i agree, i usually leave it to the dude to make the 1st move. but i wasn't thinking :) haven't gotten a response. but now, i'm not so bothered anymore.

30ty and kate - yes, was excited about the prospects from match. and have just posted my 1st ever experience meeting someone from match. not a good start. but here's to hoping it gets better!

firstdateonlyproject - lol. yes, this dude is definitely not into me. but i'm thinking his loss ;) and yes, how can a guy who likes titanic AND ricky martin not be gay?!

ken - yes, i think he is. inspiring in a way. sad in a way too though. and thanks!

little miss angry said...

snafu - the 90 year old is probably a widow :) and thanks for saying it wasn't lame. he hasn't replied but i'm not too concerned about it anymore!

firstdateonlyproject - lol. true. he is casting a rather wide net.

jo - haha. but the guy didn't look creepy in his pictures. just a bit lonely. and thanks. read how my 1st one went :(

kitty - thanks! and definitely not at that age..god.

Anonymous said...

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