Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Date # 2...not!

Date Number Two from was supposed to be with a guy I’m going to call Mr. Texter. He had a decent profile picture, a cute smile and was nicely skinny. He seemed normal enough in his profile and we had almost identical matches.

But the date never happened. And here’s why…

Mr. Texter and I exchange a couple of emails before I pass him my number. The 1st text I receive,

‘hy gorgeous, tx 4 passin me ya no. hv a nc day’

I’m put off with his texting style. But decide to give him a chance. So I reply him ‘Sure. And thanks, you too’

That night he texts me again asking me if I was free to talk. I don’t see the text till very late and don’t bother replying till the next morning. I say ‘Hey, good morning. Sorry, but I fell asleep pretty early last night.’

I get this reply ‘gd mrng princess. na wriez. conv 2 talk nw?’

Firstly, why on earth was he calling me princess? And, what the hell was ‘na wriez’??

After I took a moment to decipher this, I realize he meant ‘no worries’. Despite the sirens going off in my head, I replied ‘Hey, I’m at work now. Best if you call me after work, say after 7pm?’

He says OK. I just said a silent prayer that he spoke better than he typed and soon was too consumed with work to think about him.

About lunch time, I get a text from him saying ‘hy gal, hws ya dy so far? al gd I hope. js hd lunch. hd urs? ’

Now. Why did he need to know that? We haven’t had a proper conversation so far and he’s asking me about my lunch? I don’t reply.

Anyway, that’s not the worst of it.

Since I’d told him to call me after 7, I was expecting him to just pick up the phone and call. But no, I get another text from him at 10.40pm ‘hy gal, hw ya doin? al gd? conv 2 talk nw?’

I stare at the text. Why was he doing this to me?

Irritated but also curious whether he'd finally call me I replied at 10.48pm, ‘Sure’.

I wait for the phone to ring. It doesn’t.

I get this text from him at 11.10pm... ‘hy gal, u aslp? conv 2 talk nw?’

I am really starting to have second thoughts about this whole internet dating thing….


Ken said...

funny pst. wot a weird gy. internet d8ting sux.

Toni said...

I am far too old school to attempt to meet a girl with text messages, but this guy sounds like a joke. If he isn't 14 then he behaves like he is.

eliza said...

that is hilarious, little miss!!!

Being Samiantha said...

omg ditch him asap.

Anyone who puts that much effort into being lazy about not using the full 140 characters available to them, is someone I wouldn't be interested in talking too.

The internet dating isn't that bad.
A jerk is a jerk regardless of the venue you meet them in.

Chin up, for every 10 men, maybe 1 will be worthy of a first and *gasp* second date.

Being Samiantha.

jo said...

omg just reading his texts gave me a right proper headache! i would have been curious to hear what he sounded like in a voice conversation though. but if he says "LOL", i'd say definitely get outta there haha! dating is tricky whether it's via the internet or not. hang in there.

Snafugirl said...

I just laughed out loud. And Ken's comment is hysterical!

Maybe it's a Spambot disgusied as a dater?

SemiSocialite said...

Internet dating weirds me out to begin with. If I was getting texts like that, I'd be running for the hills. He writes like he's getting charged by the letter as opposed to by the text and therefore, has found every (annoying) way to shorten a word.

Kitty Moore said...

I hate text speak - it's so bloody lazy, just spell the damn words out. Next!

little miss angry said...

ken - your comment cracked me up. LOL!!

toni - agreed! and i think i'm old school too. sigh.

eliza - and a little irritating if you were on the receiving end of these texts ;)

being samiantha - i know. why would anyone be so lazy i don't understand. glad you're optimistice about the internet dating thing. though gosh.. how exhausting if it were only 1 in every 10! aaarrgghh :)

jo - i'll let you know if he ever does :) thanks..

little miss angry said...

snafu - kens comments made me laugh too. a spambot going to all that trouble... hmmm.. that's troubling.

semisocialite - i thought the same thing! that this guy somehow subscribed to a mobile service that charged by the letter! LOL.

kitty - yes. NEXT!