Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'm being set-up

My mum is setting me up on a date.

I cannot believe I've reached a point in my life where my mum thinks she needs to interfere with her daughters dating life for fear of having her daughter become a middle aged woman without a man in tow. She's obviously fearing the fact that having touched the big 30, I'm still without a husband prospect in sight. 30 is ancient in her books to be without a man and to top that she's gone beyond hinting that she'd like to be a grandmother.... soon.

I love my mum. But I am glad I live a whole 2 hour distance away from her, thus limiting our face to face confrontations about my love life. She manages to get her messages across over the phone though. Its maddening when I've had a perfect Saturday all to myself, lazing in bed with the nicest book and even nicer music in the background, only to have the magic broken with a call from my mum exclaiming "What? You've been in bed the whole day?" like its the worst sin in the world before adding "How are you expecting to meet men if you lie in bed all day like this?".

Anyway, I got a call from her yesterday telling me that she got a call from an aunt of mine about a 'nice' and 'handsome' boy who is a son of a friend of hers who just started working around my area. He's apparently looking to meet new 'friends' and my mum and my aunt have decided that I should do lunch or dinner with him. I retorted saying if he was so 'nice' and 'handsome' why did he need help making 'friends'. My mum told me to not be rude.

Firstly, I don't trust this particular aunt's judgement in men. Secondly and more importantly, why would a grown up man need help from his mum to set him up? Is he so lazy that he couldn't be bothered to make his own efforts to finding a date and would rather rely on his mum to get him one? That or he is really ugly.

I'm not in the least bit intrigued. But you try saying no to my mum. Suffice to say, I've agreed to meet him... but only for coffee next week. I'm not going to suffer through a meal on a date set up by conspiring aunts and mums. My mum agreed reluctantly saying dinner would be much nicer though. But I stood my ground - its coffee or nothing at all- and the tiny win did placate me a little bit. Anyway, I'm thinking, if anything, this might give me some material to blog about.


Kitty Moore said...

I feel for you - perhaps we should introduce our mothers! They would have plenty to talk about. Also, maybe this guy is being forced into meeting you the same way you are him. Which means he may well turn out to be hot! Either way (as you said) you'll have great writing material - be sure to share it with us asap!

Kitty x

Plentymorefishoutofwater said...

Never, ever trust mums or aunts or grandmothers or any other older female relation when it comes to your love life. Having said that, I can't wait to read about this one...
*Catch up with my dating disasters at plentymorefishoutofwater*

little miss angry said...

haha kitty, i can imagine what it'd be like if our mothers met. and its pretty optimistic the way you looking at this, and i'm not really feeling that hopeful. but maybe that's a good thing not to get the hopes up and then dashed. will find out soon enough.

fish, i know right?! and this particular aunt of mine is the worst. she once tried to fix me up with this guy who was balding prematurely, overweight and had BO. argh.. i can't believe i got talked into this. SHE thought he was 'handsome'!?

You Make My Date said...

Haha you know that I'm open-minded to going on disaster dates! You never know - at best, he could be great. At worst, he could be great blogging material! Win-win :)

Please let us know how it goes!