Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bad behaviour?

Miss X has been hitting it off with the object of her interest these last couple of weeks. And although they don't meet as often as she'd like to due to their busy and conflicting work schedules, they flirt with sexy texts and conversations almost daily.

Then, this one night, they were supposed to meet up for dinner. It gets cancelled at the last minute. And of course, she's expecting him to reschedule, he doesn't. She sends him a text which goes unreplied. She calls him, he doesn't answer. By now, she's obviously totally pissed. And asking me what the fuck just happened?

And the thing is. I honestly don't know.

You're into someone. Things are looking good. The chemistry is there. Its not a full blown relationship. Sure. He's under no obligations to report to you. Definitely.

But, there was a certain expectation set in motion already. You don't disappear on someone after creating that expectation. Or you shouldn't. Right? Right??

Once, Mr. P didn't reply my text, for a whole day, and it drove me up the wall. The next day, he claimed he left his phone in a friends place. At that time, I felt a little foolish over how it had affected me.

This guy, has since apologised to my friend, claiming some work disasters which took up all his time... he seems genuine enough in his apology.

But what does all these non-reply, non-calls mean?

In my books, generally, not replying to my texts or calls is just bad behaviour.

But being fed shit on tv which would proclaim this might be him not being into you doesn't help either. Because, just when you're thinking, okay, maybe he's not into me, he goes and does something completely contrary to show you that he maybe, perhaps is. And come on, just how annoying is that?


Jen said...

Sounds to me like he's juggling at least one other person and is giving her just enough attention to keep her from giving up on him completely. If she's okay with being one of several, fine. I wouldn't cancel any plans for this guy, though. Fit him into any vacant slots in her social calendar when there's nothing better to do.

jo said...

that IS annoying. i hate it when people don't reply to my texts or calls. and this doesn't even just apply to guys but to female friends as well. i suppose some people are just bad at it. but it seems worst when it's being done by a guy you like and who you thought liked you back. a couple of times with good explanations (or excuses) provided promptly might not be that bad. but after that i'd say that he will need to prove himself if he's still genuinely interested.

all about beca said...

Sometimes a guy may just accidentally leave the phone in the office or at some other place to which he may not be able to retrieve the phone back. It has happened to me once or twice. I have even left a phone on top of the car and drove yes it does happen...give a guy the benefit of doubt please.


plentymorefishoutofwater said...

Sounds to me like he's a complete user. Sorry.
Nicely written post.

missykimmy said...

Hey there. (:

Great post, I love your writing. Not replying to texts or to phone calls means Not Interested to me. But maybe this guy was really busy. Can't really say.. unless he does the same thing again.

It is annoying when someone you're texting suddenly stops replying. It makes you wonder what you said wrong.

I just wrote a post where I'm the one not replying, actually. (But I swear I had my reasons ><) Maybe you could check it out? (:

Love your blog, by the way, I'm following. Drop by mine some time, if you like. (:

You Make My Date said...

I completely know how you feel. It makes me think the guys are playing the field, and that when there's no one else around, they'll come back to you as a contingency plan. So it's not even "he's just not that into you"'s "he's just not that into you, except when he wants to be IN TO you" if you get my meaning.


Kate said...

Sorry but I think he sounds like trouble. I know the bad boys are fun but you do end up getting hurt.

Kate x

little miss angry said...

jen, you may be right. and i'd probably do the same too.

jo - yes, i get so irritated too, but somehow it IS worse when its a guy you like. for all that time you're waiting for a reply, don't you just wish your mind would shut up? :)

all about beca - once, twice, sure.. more than that, i don't think so.

little miss angry said...

fish - yeah, shall wait and see how this plays out.

missykimmy, hi! and thanks for dropping by. to give the benefit of the doubt or not..that seems to be the question ;) gonna check out your blog in a bit..

you make my date - i soo get what you're saying!

and yes kate, i know where you're coming from too. like i said, gonna see how this plays out with my friend.

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