Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tingly, warm sensations

I was at the pharmacy the other day to pick up some condoms before heading over to Mr. P’s place. The last time I was at his place, we were going at it but had to stop because he didn’t have condoms. So I wanted to be prepared this time, just in case. I picked up a colourful red box which said tingling, warm sensations, thinking that must feel very nice. How very creative of them to think up such condoms. I walked to the counter, paid for it and headed off.

At his place, after the 2nd glass of wine, we were all over each other and rushed to his room to finally have great, fantastic sex. He said he still didn’t have condoms and even in my horny state, I wondered how come I thought about it but he hadn’t. But no matter, luckily I was prepared, I thought. It was dark in his room and I had to scramble for the box in my purse. It was killing the moment a little. He had gotten up to search his underwear drawer to see if he had a spare packet he had forgotten about. Both of us scrambling in the dark and I was the first to find it. Giving a triumphant squeal, I peeled the box and waved the tiny packet in his face.

He took it from me, ripped it and said.. “What the fuck?”

“Why?” I asked.

Somehow, noticing the look on his face in the dark, I grabbed the packet from his hand and felt something soft and squishy in my hands. I said out loud.. “The condom melted.”

“Its lube, idiot!”

How in the world had I gotten mixed up with lube and condoms? I blame the packaging. They looked exactly the same.

Mr. P was sweet about it though. Teased me about it the next morning when in the bright, still in bed, I picked up the box and read the label where it was unmistakably stated.. tingling, warm sensation lubricant.

I turned and looked at him, purple in the face. He laughed and hugged me saying, "Don’t worry, we’ll find some use for that too.”

I shut my eyes, pretending not to hear, snuggled up closer to him smiling.


30-F-London said...

That's so sweet... Why do naked mistakes carry twice the embarrassment?

Kate said...

Ha ha that is brilliant!

Kate xx

thatgalkiki said...

This is the good stuff. If you laugh at yourself naked with someone, what else is there? xxoo :)

plentymorefishoutofwater said...

This is a bit like the time I accidentally bought WeightWatchers wine for a date. Actually, it's nothing like that.
Nice post.

little miss angry said...

hi 30-F-London. haha. i'm guessing it has something to do with being exposed. thanks for stopping by.

kate - thanks! :)

thatgalkiki, yeah. i guess it is kinda cool :)

plentymorefish - haha. that's the first i'm hearing about weightwatchers wine. lol. and thanks.

Toni said...

You know, I am nearly 40 and have dated literally hundreds of girls and not one of them ever thought to bring condoms. Ok you may have brought the wrong thing but your boyfriend is a lucky man

Simone Grant said...

What an awesome story. Seriously, you had nothing to be embarrassed about. He didn't even think to go shopping and buy condoms.

plentymorefishoutofwater said...

Hey LMA, I have given you an award...check it out here: http://plentymorefishoutofwater.blogspot.com/2009/11/superior-scribbler-award.html

The London Loves said...

Love it! Weeelll, bet you didn't love it at the time but still! Could have been worse. Racking my brains to think how - picked up extra small ones maybe???

little miss angry said...

haha. you're probably right simone :)

london loves - yup, wasn't so funny at the time, but it is funny now. i have no idea how i missed it either!

little miss angry said...

and FISH!! gosh.. THANK YOU! :D

little miss angry said...

toni, i completely missed your comment earlier. its amazing.. none of them? wow.

and yes, i'm sure he's lucky too ;) hope he recognises it..

You Make My Date said...

Bahaha that's awesome! And at least he said that you'll find some use for it...as opposed to "get out of my house...and leave the lube."

Love your blog!

Organic Meatbag said...

nice...it's hard to stop with a screeching halt once the flame is lit...hahahaha

little miss angry said...

you make my date - lol. well, he'd better not have said that! and thanks :)

organic meatbag - you have no idea! or... maybe you do? ;)